bulthaup Amersfoort
Stadshaege keukendesign
Grote Haag 15
3811 HH Amersfoort

Opening hours*

Monday : closed
Tuesday : closed
Wednesday : 10.00 - 17.00 h
Thursday 10.00 - 17.00 h
Friday 10.00 - 17.00 h
Saturday : 10.00 - 17.00 h
Sunday : closed

* Visits by appointment outside opening hours possible


bulthaup Amersfoort

Beautiful combination of a light b1 kitchen island with dark cabinetry

Attractive b3 gravel laminate kitchen with tall cabinets in aluminum gray finish.

The niche created in the back wall creates a nice break in this b1 kitchen.

bulthaup b1 with grey top in U-shape in Bussum

Beautiful bulthaup b1 with composite worktop and wall in dark blue

Gorgeous bulthaup b1 with tall units in clay and island in pebble

Donker keukeneiland bulthaup b3 grafiet met eiken natuur hoge kasten

Duidelijke volumes bulthaup b3 grijs aluminium met kaolin en bar in eiken

Eclectisch sfeervol interieur met bulthaup b1 in kiezel met zitbar

Kleurcontrast bulthaup b1 wit met donker wand en donker houten vloer

Kracht van de eenvoud in Soest, bulthaup b1 in wit met schiereiland

Oosterse sfeer in bulthaup b3 wit met essen fineer

Stijlvol de hoogte in bulthaup b3 hogekasten in eiken natuur

Stoer belijnde bulthaup b1 wit in Nijkerk

Strak vormgegeven appartement bulthaup b1 wit hogekasten met nis en zitbank

Warm contrast bulthaup b1 leem met leem blad en tafel

Warme sfeer in bulthaup b3 kaolin met eiland in flint

Extraordinary bulthaup b1 with grey top and wooden wall

Warm ambiance with terra back wall at bulthaup b1 with peninsula

White oak veneer cabinet walls and bulthaup b3 peninsula

Kaolin bulthaup b3 kitchen with wall shelf in Leusden

Beautiful b1 kitchen with island and end wall bar

Flush-mounted island with seating area on two sides of the worktop in bulthaup b1

Aluminium sand beige bulthaup b3 with island on legs

A successful combination of bulthaup b1 and b3 cabinets

Parallel island arrangement in bulthaup b1 white

Tall units in clay with bulthaup b3 in white and a stainless steel breakfast bar

Aluminum gray with natural aluminum wall units in bulthaup b3

bulthaup b1 with bora profi exhaust in Naarden

bulthaup b3 in walnut veneer with 12 mm ceramic tabletop

bulthaup b3 white and flint in a classic house in Amersfoort

A beautiful combination of anthracite and flint bulthaup b3 cabinets

Working island and bulthaup b1 shelf with glass sliding door

Graphite with aluminum edges and walnut bar in bulthaup b3

Island on legs, wall-mounted tall units in bulthaup b3

bulthaup b3 in parallel arrangement, tall units next to window

Special b3 island in aluminum gray with walnut elements

Handleless bulthaup b3 kitchen with partial handles G2 in Alpine white

Island on legs with support plate between tall units in bulthaup b3 white

bulthaup b1 white with black composite top in Highland

White stained oak bulthaup b3 kitchen with kaolin laminate and Gaggenau